DJ/Yoga Party

I love music and dancing so much that I created a class called Shake Your Hot Bodhi that integrates hot yoga and a dance party. Every week I create a one hour dance/hip-hop playlist that I use as soundtrack for our yoga dance party. Want a yoga dance party of your own? You can hire me!

Some options:

  1. I can set up a DJ booth for your party and spin wicked tunes all night long.
  2. I can pre-record a fresh mix with your favourite tracks and teach a one hour yoga dance party for you.
  3. I can do help you rock a yoga dance party that turns into a regular dance party later. So some of your guests can take part in the yoga party, but then some can come and enjoy the rest of the evening without needing to wear yoga clothescropped-yoga-party-in-the-plaza.png

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