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All my public classes are at Bodhi Tree Yoga (3104 13th Ave). For private/corporate classes contact us at Bodhi Tree.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.26.54 AM


10-1130am Bodhi 1-2: Its a workshop-style class that has been running for for the past 3 years or so. I usually try out some things that I have been working on over the weekend. This class often sets the theme and tone for the rest of my week of teaching.

530-630pm Yoga in the Park at McKenna Park


1030-1130am Breath and Meditation:  Not a traditional meditation class. We usually do a little stretching, then some pranayama, followed by some time sitting and exploring different approaches to meditation. I try to include time for questions and comments in every class.

545-715pm Bodhi Flow 1: This is a creative, dynamic, and sometimes unorthodox vinyasa class. Challenging, fun, and thoughtful asana sequences to exercise mind and body.


10-1130am Warm Bodhi Bliss: A delightful, spa-like class with bolsters, blankets, and lots of sprawling out on the floor. It is all about relaxation here.


545-715 Bodhi 1: A flagship class at Bodhi Tree Yoga. Bodhi One introduces and reinforces the principles of yoga as we understand it at Bodhi Tree. Learn how to adapt yoga to meet your needs and maintain a safe and healthy approach that will be sustainable over a lifetime. I love this class.

730-900pm Bodhi 3:  For teachers, teacher trainees, and enthusiastic practitioners. Our scope is pretty huge. Backbends, arm balancing, inverting, acro, pranayama, mudra, meditation, and anything else we find interesting. Nudging the edges of not just our yoga practice in an adventurous and light hearted environment.


1210-1250pm Bodhi 1: see above, except its a quick-hitter over the noon hour

800-900pm Shake Your Hot Bodhi: A winner of Prairie Dog Magazine’s “best fitness class in Regina” award, SYHB is a hot yoga dance party. I spent an hour a week recording a DJ set, which becomes the soundtrack to one hour sweat-fest set to blazing hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul. I have a stupid amount of fun every single time. So will you.

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